Where it all began

Coming from the City of Joy Kolkata, where people
predominantly focus on classical music, Diya Ghosh made her name
on YouTube owning to only her inborn talent. She soon turned out
to be a self-made YouTube sensation without having any professional
training in music. With her hard work and dedication she fought t
hrough all the possible odds to stand out at a stage today where
she is a proudly representing herself as a versatile singer in all
genre of music.
“Dream, Believe, Achieve” are the three words which she is focused
on. Her passion towards singing  is from early childhood,
she started singing when she was just 3 years old and by the time
she was 17 years old, she had already won her first contest in singing.
From then, there was no looking back, she went on to conquer many
contests and enthralling hearts with her voice. She has a creative
insight and not only does she sing in her cover videos, but also does
all the tasks involved into graphic designing, directing the video,
Video editing , promotions and marketing on her own. Her creative
instinct is what brings up the fire in her to stick to her passion facing
all the odds. She has performed solo and also performs with the
renowned Bollywood Music Directors “THE MEET BROS” ,
shows involving College Fest, Wedding Events and Corporate Shows.

“Dream, Believe, Achieve”

– Diya Ghosh